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Ich war bereits einaml in der Klinik zu Gast und fand den Aufenthalt sehr angenehm. Man wurde bestens betreut und ffchlte sich direkt aufgehoben. Als langje4hriger Kopfschmerzpatient kann ich sagen, dass das die reinste Plage ist und man froh ist, wenn einem geholfen wird! [url=]vtvhymk[/url] [link=]uuzhqxipwfk[/link]
25.11.2014 - Leandro
ec32223Sep2221686ee24 21cwow, die orange-fc3a4rbung im gaenzn bild ist mega!da hast du doch sicher noch ein wenig nachgeholfen, oder?Jana kc3bcrzlich verc3b6ffentlicht..29 cc43
21.11.2014 - Akash
3 website.php?id=32
unten die Codes sind in Großbuchstaben die eingabe ist aber nur korrekt mit kleinen (casesensitive)
15.4.2009 - Julian
4 website.php?id=40
Statt "Kommentare Anzeigen" link, lieber "Kommentare" in der Zeile mit "Alle (..." Anklickbar machen
3.12.2008 - HC
5 index.php?action=logout
If one has no websites, the link "Neue Webseiten anlgen" is missing.
17.11.2008 - vB
6 website.php?id=40
Im Menü 'sichtbar für' bei der e-mail als Standardauswahl 'Den Administrator' einstellen. Das hinterläßt einen besseren Eindruck.
17.11.2008 - ssp  
7 comment_edit.php?comment_id=3274
Instead of "Back" use "Ohne speichern zurück". Also layout does not completely match registration.php
8.4.2008 - vB
8 website_access.php?id=26
On this page one could also use the things from registration.php (entry space, Same script for the heading, etc.). Also the word "Emailadresse" does not need to appear in the table rows.
8.4.2008 - vB
9 website_edit.php?id=26
could the layout of this page be similar to registration.php?
8.4.2008 - vB
10 webadmin.php
With feedback a new window is opened for every comment - is there a possibility to open the form in the same window all the time? Also the 60 seconds break between comments seems long to me now. Maybe we do not need it anymore since we have captchas?
8.4.2008 - vB
11 webadmin.php
In Safari, the Name, Andrede and email are also NOT centered.
8.4.2008 - vB
12 registration.php
This page looks very nice!!
8.4.2008 - vB
13 webadmin.php
To save space we could stack "Bearbeiten" "Löschen" and "Zugriffsrechte" on top of each other, instead of putting them side by side.
8.4.2008 - vB
On this page the text is not centered. There is almost no space on the left
8.4.2008 - vB
15 webadmin.php
There is no possiblity to erase a website.
31.1.2007 - HC
16 registration.php
Here I would place the „Anrede” first then Vorname, Name, etc…
14.8.2006 - Masti
17 website_edit.php
Here I would offer also a button “Back” if I am deciding not to edit a new website.
14.8.2006 - Masti
Button should read "ohne speichern zurück"
Change "<A> Beispiel: Verbesserungsvorschläge fü </A>" to "Beispiel: <A>Verbesserungsvorschläge für </A>"
8.8.2006 - HC
19 comments.php?id=26&sort=3&direction=ASC&page=0
"Search" = "Suchen", "Records per page" = "Kommentare pro Seite", "Show only new" = "Nur neue Kommtare anzeigen"
3.8.2006 - HC
20 comments.php?id=26&sort=1&direction=DESC&page=0
Could you change the standard sorting on this page to be by date with the newest date on top?
3.8.2006 - HC
21 index.php?action=logout
Rename the linke "Verbesserungsvorschläge" into "besserweb verbessern"
15.7.2006 - HC
Should I replace all text inclusions [for login page for example] or just links? Replace the blue text on all upper right hand corners. (I guess this has to be done only once to change it everywhere?)
22 index.php?action=logout
Change "Diese Service is bis auf weiteres Kostenlos." to "Dieser Service ist bis auf weiteres kostenlos."
15.7.2006 - HC
23 website.php?id=26
"Webauftritt Nummer 26" ist not in the middle of the screen.
13.7.2006 - HC
24 website.php?id=26
In this tool "Nur den Autor" should be "Den Administrator"
13.7.2006 -
25 website.php?id=27
Add a link <A href="">M&ouml;chten Sie f&uuml;r Ihren eigenen Webauftritt verwenden?</A> at the bottom of this page.
7.7.2006 - HC
Should this link be added for only id=27 page (ie - manuscript tool page) or for all websites pages? For all websites pages - the english translation is "do you want to use this tool for your own website?"
26 website_edit.php?id=23
One can not upload a picture
7.7.2006 - HC
It was a problem with permissions on the asset folder. I have added the test imagem for example. Now iot should work
27 comments.php?id=26
Probably it would make sense to make either filtering or pages separation (with link 1 2 3 4 ...) on the comments page.
7.7.2006 - dmitry  
I think it needs translation
28 comments.php?id=23
"Delete" should be replaced by "L&ouml;schen".
5.7.2006 - HC
29 comments.php?id=26
"Bemerkungen des Autors" should be "Bemerkungen des Administrators"
5.7.2006 - HC
30 index.php?action=logout
there is no "Verbesserungsvorschlaege" link on the admin_select and on the comment_types page.
5.7.2006 - HC
I have added but if the admin logged in as an webadmin "Hans-Christin Graf v. Bothmer" he wouldn't be able to add comments
31 index.php?action=logout
I think it is more practical if the comment page opens into a new window.
5.7.2006 - HC
32 website.php?id=23
"Website id:" should be "Webauftritt Nummer" (without semicolon). The number schould be in the same size and color.
5.7.2006 - HC
33 comments.php?id=23
"Alle Webauftritte" could be replaced by "Alle meine Webauftritte"
5.7.2006 - HC
34 website_edit.php
"Website link" should only be "Link"
5.7.2006 - HC
35 website_edit.php
"Auf der Kommentarseite für meinen Webauftritt" should be "Auf der Kommentarseite für diesen Webauftritt"
5.7.2006 - HC
36 website_edit.php
"Nach dem allgemeinen Text für jedes Ihrer skripten, können Sie noch einen Skriptspezifischen Text anzeigen lassen:" should be erased.
5.7.2006 - HC
37 comments.php?id=26
It would be good, if the Table could be sorted by URL.
5.7.2006 - HC
38 website.php?id=23
"Liste aller Webauftritte" should be replaced by "Alle meine Webauftritte"
5.7.2006 - HC
39 website.php?id=26
in the "Kommentare Table" the column "Unbest&auml;tigt" should only appear if in the website-data "Kommentar" is equal to "Nach best&auml;tigung durch mich". The column "Nicht &ouml;ffentlich" is not needed.
5.7.2006 - HC
40 website.php?id=26
The Date is not in german format on this page.
5.7.2006 - HC
Could you please provide an example? I think you mean that month is in English. Example now: 6th July, 2006. Example German: 6. Juli 2006 or 6.7.2006. I think the same happens on all pages that display dates. (edit_comment.php, comments.php)
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